Evidence Marker

Evidence Marker
    • Colorful Evidence Marking Discs

      It is used to locate findings in poor light conditions in open areas. It has various colors and reflective properties.

    • Colorful Reflective Evidence Marker Set

      It is used to determine the locations of the findings found at the crime scenes. It has various colors.

    • Evidence Markers with Scale

      It is used in crime scenes to mark findings on vertically inclined surfaces, etc., where plastic numerators cannot be used. Scale Paper numerators are self-adhesive.

    • Metal White Evidence Markers

      It is used to mark the findings found at crime scenes. It is generally used in open areas.

    • Plastic Evidence Market Set

      It is used to determine the locations of the findings detected at the crime scenes. There are numbers on the plastic numerators for the scale and numbering of the evidences. Plastic numerators as a set have a special carrying case.

    • Telescopic Reflective Cone

      Telescopic Traffic Barge is applied to ensure the safety of traffic on roads with heavy traffic, roads, streets, workplaces, parks, playgrounds and for different purposes. It is also used as lane separator, router and lane organizer to warn drivers. Thanks to its flexible structure, the pontoons are resistant to impacts…

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